هذا موقع msn في قسم الميوزك عارض هذه الصورة

لكن انا ما اعرف الموضوع ايش يقولوا فيه
اذا كنت تعرف تقرها ارجوا ان توضحوا لي

Up until now, Youssou N'Dour's cross-cultural projects have been largely focused on bridging the African-European/American divide through duets with Peter Gabriel and Neneh Cherry, among others.
On his latest project, the Senegalese superstar turns the notion of "fusion" on its head by merging the sounds of West Africa and North Africa.
The result is a sweet and gently beautiful hybrid of rollicking rhythms and curling melodies, thematically shaped around the artists' common religion, Islam.
Backed by arranger Fathy Salama's Egyptian orchestra of lush strings, husky kawala flute, lilting oud and other North African and Arabic instruments, N'Dour brings the tender warmth and smoothness of his legendary voice to the fore.
The dynamics of "Egypt" are very different from N'Dour's prior releases for his home and foreign audiences, and it's a welcome experiment.